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It’s quite simple, really. Handwritten letters are becoming rarer every day. We’re losing something beautiful. The texture of a well-traveled envelope, stamps of exotic animals, celebrated figures, faraway landscapes yet unseen. Knowing that this piece of paper was written especially for you, and yours is the only one like it in existence – I don’t want this feeling to be forgotten.

Email your name and postal address together with a subject, image or a photo to:


and you will receive a handwritten poem from me based on what you send me. If you feel that an email would be defeating the point, post me a letter with the above details, or better yet, take the connection further and include a poem. You can find my current postal address at the bottom of the page.

No hidden agenda, no fine print or costs, all I want is for you to experience the tangible, raw connection of pen on paper.

We don’t know each other, and we may never meet,

but in your hands you will hold something that I held in mine,

something unique,

and even if that is all we share,

we will be part of the great melody of life.

Preserving The Beauty Of Handwritten Letters

You're welcome to share your poem, my only conditions being that you don't claim to have written it, and if you would like to use it commercially, please just drop me an email and ask first. Thanks. I like you.

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